Diagram canvas height

When i opened my website, initially diagram and palette areas cannot cover the full height of screen. html, body and all elements that contains diagram div elements have the height 100%(canvas cannot set its height, it occurs in ie9, chrome 29.0.1547 and firefox 23.1.0). Whenever i shrink and enlarge browser window, diagram and palette appears. I read all articles about setting height and applied them.

What version of GoJS are you using? Please try using version 1.2.2, which is currently http://gojs.net/latest

I am using v1.1.9, and changed to 1.2.2, canvas element still cannot set its height, while the container div element gets the height of page.

I’m sorry for the delay.

Once the DIV really does have the height that you expect, you can call Diagram.requestUpdate().