Diagram feels choopy and not smooth on dragging node in typescript

i m working on a diagram in typescript previously i made the same diagram in js and it worked smooth and fine now in angular when i drag node in canvas it takes a while to move it and it is not smooth/seamless

as u can see there are only few nodes in it but moving them around looks so choopy

I’m quite certain that the use of TypeScript instead of JavaScript makes no difference in the performance and responsiveness of the GoJS library.

Just yesterday I tried our new angular-basic sample (at https://github.com/NorthwoodsSoftware/GoJS-projects/tree/master/angular-basic ), built with ng build --prod, running with almost 2000 nodes and almost 2000 links.

Scrolling/panning, zooming, dragging individual nodes, and drawing new links was just as performant and responsive as I expected.