Diagram Grid Shifts After Loading

I’m experiencing some strange behavior with my diagrams after loading. In my diagram I have a couple of nodes, the top-left most node located at 100,100. After saving the diagram and then re-loading it, the node shifts to the very top-left corner of the diagram (which I would assume to be 0,0), even though the actual location value for the node remains 100,100. Is there any settings of the diagram that may be causing this shift to happen? I’ve noticed it also happens if I scroll the mousewheel down.


You can save and restore the Diagram.Panel.Position.
Or maybe you just want to set Diagram.InitialPosition=“0 0”.

Is there a way I can prevent the position from moving? I’d like to keep the top-left corner as 0,0.

You could set the DiagramPanel.FixedBounds.