diagram.nodeDataArray is not updating

I am trying this
// variable nodeData is node Array ordered node i.e nodes are sorted on basis on its location

myDiagram.startTransaction(“modify nodeDataArray”);
myDiagram.model.nodeDataArray = nodeData;
myDiagram.commitTransaction(“modify nodeDataArray”);

after that i am accessing

// here nodes are coming in previous order only i.e node data is not modified


I gather that your new Array holds the same node data objects as before, just in a different order. In that case the behavior that you see is correct.

You could iterate over the Array and call Diagram.findNodeForData to get the corresponding Node.

thank you…

when myDiagram.nodes get updated?

The order of Diagram.nodes is not specified, so you cannot depend on any particular order.

I was also tried to find Diagram.nodes. But it is not there.