Diagram Not Refreshing


I am trying to update the Goxam dagram by changing the values in the Model that is bind to the diagram. Here is my code in the view model

// refresh goxam model on tags changed

CalculationComponentDetailViewModel tempNode = SelectedNode.Data as CalculationComponentDetailViewModel;


Here GoXamModel is an object of class

public class CustomModel : GraphLinksModel<CalculationComponentDetailViewModel, String, String, CalculationLinkViewModel>

When I debug my code after executing the CommitTransaction(“Change”) the GoXamModel has all the updated values but they are not getting reflected in the UI.

Is there any method to Refresh the UI?

Thanks in advance

Well, from the code above it appears that you are doing the right things. Updating of the UI happens partly from modifying data-bound properties and partly from the commission of a transaction – usually both are required.

So I guess it depends on what your EvaluatePorts method is doing, and whether you have set up data bindings correctly in your XAML.

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