Diagram not refreshs after model changed

I’m using GoJS 1.7.5
I have some treetable, and when I click on some row I must show diagram (TreeLayout), that includes nodes that have relationship with selected node.
For example, my treetable looks like this:

*** Parent1
****** Child1
********* GrandChild1
********* GrandChild2
****** Child2
********* GrandChild3
And when I click on Child2, I’ll see diagram that will look like this
Parent1 → Child2 → GrandChild3
And Child2 will be selected.
Although, I have an overview diagram.
Of course, click on another row will change the diagram or only will change the selection.
I’ve made this thing working, but (here comes the tricky part)
sometimes (and there is no specific scenario), that when I click fast between rows, I’ve got my main diagram stuck(not changing), but overview diagram will change as supposed to.
I’ve made some fiddle, that (again, not always) will reproduce the issue

I know this hard to reproduce, but maybe someone can help me with that or tell me what I did wrong in the code.

We’re looking into this.

It’s hard to say for sure, but it seems impossible to reproduce the problem when using newer versions of the library. I’m wondering if there was a bug that we had already fixed. Have you tried v1.8.30?

Tried with 1.8.30, and can’t reproduce.

So yes, probably it was fixed.