Diagram Overview Bounce

When a diagram overview is assigned a diagram it will zoom the scale of the overview out until the entire diagram is visible in the overview. During this I am seeing a slight “bounce” as it gets close to the scale and position it will settle on. That is to say it will zoom out slightly too far, zoom in slightly too much and then finally settle at the final size. Im using version 1.3.3. Is there any way this behaviour can be avoided so the scaling is more smooth when initially loading?

I’m unable to reproduce the behavior that you are seeing.

I added an Overview to an existing app with two Diagrams in them.
I added these two event handlers to switch that Diagram that the Overview observes:
myDiagram.GotFocus += (s, e) => { myOverview.Observed = myDiagram; };
myDiagram2.GotFocus += (s, e) => { myOverview.Observed = myDiagram2; };
I made sure the two diagrams had greatly different sized diagrams in them.
When switching Diagrams I do not see any “bounce” in the Overview’s zooming (i.e. the DiagramPanel.Scale).
And there was no effect on the observed Diagrams.

If you want to disable scale and position animation in the Overview, you can do it the same as with any Diagram:
myOverview.TemplateApplied += (s, e) => { myOverview.Panel.ZoomTime = 0; };

I have disabled the zoom animation and that will work for our application thanks.