I was trying to implement some diagram like this:

I don’t know how to draw the links, all I can get is a direct link between the node. Please advice. Thanks!

Would setOrthogonal(true) be sufficient?
Or do you really need those extra turns?

Hi Walter,
I am afraid I need to have those extra turns.

There isn’t a node in the middle, is there? I was assuming not, but if you could have one there, even if zero-sized and invisible, then you could use setOrthogonal(true) after all. However, moving two (or more) end nodes wouldn’t work right, because it wouldn’t include the dummy node in the middle.
You can override JGoLink.addOrthoPoints to do whatever you want. For example, the default implementation of this method does its own special shortest-path routing when AvoidsNodes is true, which can add a potentially unlimited number of intermediate points.