Diagrams event aren't fired on IE11 when Pointer events are disabled (v1.8,2)

Hi, we are using GoJS v 1.8.2 in our web application and we love it!
We have certain issue:
When our app is hosted inside a winforms webbrowser control the diagram events are not fired.
after some investigation we found that it’s because of IE and webbrowser control is disabling the msPointerEvents

Internet Feature Controls (I..L) (Internet Explorer) | Microsoft Learn (Pointer Input Model).
in the link you will see that theres a work around for the issue but it works only on windows 8+ and Windows Server 2012 whereas we have clients with windows server 2008 and windows 7.

Question is… are you aware of that issue with Pointer events? is there any way to get around this issue from our app?

Thanks in advanced

I haven’t investigated yet, but could you try a newer version? We made some changes dealing with pointer events in 1.8.3.

Hi Walter,
Thanks for quick replay, i tried with 1.8.4 and still not getting the pointer events.

We’ll look into this.

Could you try to delete window['PointerEvent'], or set window['PointerEvent'] = undefined, before constructing any Diagram?

Thanks! I will.
After some Debugging/Digging into the code i found out that the event listeners that will be registered are pointer events
in case it’s IE & window.PointerEvent is defined… got to be related to your suggestion…
in my case i need to check window.navigator.msPointerEnable as well

If you’ll add to your test window.navigator.msPointerEnable === false along with window.PointerEvent it works

Thanks for your help. Could you try 1.8.5 that’s in GoJS - Build Interactive Diagrams for the Web ? Don’t forget to remove the work-around first when you try it.

1.8.5 has been released as “latest”.

Hi Walter,
We tested the fix with version 1.8.7 but still the events being registered are the PointerEvents,
after looking into the code we see that the test is not complete:

false !== window.navigator.msPointerEnable;

where window.navigator.msPointerEnable values could be either false or undefined but the undefined part is not tested…

so could it be changed to “true === window.navigator.msPointerEnable” of IE case?

OK, we’ll look into it. Thanks for the “pointer”.

We have just released 1.8.8 as latest: