Dialog dismissal starts rubber banding

If an edit session for a GoText object is terminated by a mouse click on the canvas background, and an informative dialog is subsequently displayed in the text changed event, upon dismissal of the dialog the previous mouse click has been interpeted as beginning a rubber-banding sequence. What action should I take prior to displaying the dialog, to prevent this?

The problem here is whether a mouse down in the view while the user is editing text should be handled normally, so as to select or drag or whatever.
The standard behavior, of course, is to do so. But in your case, this is actually unexpected, since after dismissing a dialog the user wouldn’t expect the mouse gesture to be continued. So you should call GoView.DoCancelMouse() before showing the dialog. (Afterwards will work too.)
But this doesn’t work that way in 2.1 or in the beta releases of 2.2–we’ll fix this in the final release for 2.2. For now, just put in that call to GoView.DoCancelMouse().

I’m not sure I’m understanding your instructions. We’re using 2.1. Are you saying put the call in, but it won’t work until 2.2, or are you saying that inserting the call should interrupt the rubber band sequence now (it doesn’t).
Should we perhaps post an esc via WM_KEYDOWN ?

I meant the former interpretation. It should work, but due to an unforeseen combination of circumstances, it doesn’t. In the final 2.2.1 release, it will.