Different rightclick behavior w/selection

I’d like a different right-click behavior when items are selected.
Here is what currently happens (for instance, in the ProtoApp as well as in some basic program that you might write):
Add 4-5 selectable items to the go view. Select them all. Right click on one of the selected items. Notice that all the items are now deselected and except for the one that you right-clicked on.
I’d prefer that all the items stay selected including the one you right-clicked on. (This is more similar to how windows behaves when selecting files/folders and such). How do I do this?
I noticed that in my derived GoView class, the number of selection items changes after I call base.DoMouseUp(). (I thought maybe I should do something here or instead maybe create a new Tool that has the behavior I’m looking for. Either way, I don’t really know how to start going about that). Any advice?
Thanks for any help.

Just set GoToolContext.SingleSelection to false: (goView1.FindMouseTool(typeof(GoToolContext)) as GoToolContext).SingleSelection = false;

To make this property more visible, for version 2.3 we have added a property, GoView.ContextClickSingleSelection, whose implementation just delegates to the GoToolContext.SingleSelection property, as described above in the previous reply.