Disable bounding box on selection


By default, when I select any GoObject (GoLink/GoIconicNode), then a bouning box is displayed of light green color. How can I disable this by default feature?
Means no bounding box should be displayed on any GoObject selection.

Pease find the attached scren-shot, which displays a bounding box on audio-announcement image in light green color.

Please reply me as soon as possible.


Do you want to have selection with no feedback?

Or do you just want to turn off selection completely?

(You can fill those arrowheads with red by changing the Brush on the link.)


I need first solution no bounding box on selection.

Please do provide hint.

Well, you can disable selection completely by GoView.AllowSelection = false;

If there is a selection, GoView really wants to highlight it, so we don’t have a simple way for just turning that off.

You could override AddSelectionHandles on each object class that gets selection and just “return”.

or… you could set GoView.PrimarySelectionColor, GoView.SecondarySelectionColor and GoView.NoFocusSelectionColor to with a zero Alpha… in other words transparent.

like this:

goView.PrimarySelectionColor = Color.Transparent;


Thanks for your quick response.

Now it worked as I expected after setting the following properties:

GoView.PrimarySelectionColor = Color.Transparent;
GoView.SecondarySelectionColor = Color.Transparent;