Disable selection adornment and resize adornment while Select All (ctrl+a)

I want something Similar to Temporarily removing the selection adornment,

ctrl+a CommandHandler.selectAll and all the adornments are hidden but for individual node selection it appears back.

What if the user selects two nodes? And when they select 95% of the nodes?

only one node is allowed to have adornment at time, 2 or more nodes selected shouldn’t.

Do what this sample does: Buttons in a Circular Adornment

Since there will be at most one such Adornment, don’t use “Selection” Adornments – don’t set Part.selectionAdornmentTemplate. Instead, implement a “ChangedSelection” DiagramEvent listener like the one in that sample that decides which one node gets the only adornment by adding or removing that one Adornment programmatically.

Thanks a lot Walter!