Disabling animation in the Palette

[I have split the two-part post by <b>sunilkumarba</b> into this, a second topic.]

And the other thing is, I want to disable animation in the Palette. The
scenario is the palette is loaded with different nodes based on the node
selected in the diagram. Whenever there is a change in the palette it
animates (on few occasions scrollbars appear & disappear). I want
the palette change to be quick without any animation. I’m using the
below XAML snippet to disable animation which is not working:


I'm using GoSilverlight with Silverlight 4.

There are two kinds of predefined animation: layout and viewport scrolling/scaling.

You have disabled layout animation, but it appears that you were actually more concerned about the viewport scrolling.

You can disable that by setting DiagramPanel.ZoomTime to zero. Something like:
myPalette.TemplateApplied += (s,e) => { myPalette.Panel.ZoomTime = 0; };

Thanks Walter. This does the trick :). Is there a way I can set it in XAML?

Sure, just specify the Diagram.Template. I suggest you adapt the standard ControlTemplate which we use. It’s defined in docs/GenericSilverlight.xaml.