Disabling snap-to-grid for some objects

Is it possible to disable snap to grid for some objects ?
I want my subgraphs to not snap to grid when I move them around, but the child nodes should snap to grid. The subgraph shape should just adjust itself to the snapped positions of it’s childs.
/Stig Nielsson

There might be a way to do that, but it’s probably tricky in version 2.3 or earlier. Version 2.4 introduces GoGrid as a real GoObject, rather than functionality incorporated in and partly hidden in GoView. So in 2.4 it is trivial to override a method on GoGrid to ignore particular objects or particular types of objects that are being dragged.

GoDiagram 2.4? Is this an announcement or did i miss anything? Can i
find a feature list anywhere and do you have a release date (or at
least a planned to be finish date)? Thx for any info :-D

No, we haven’t announced it yet, but beta should be starting soon.
Mostly it’s to make sure GoDiagram Web works well with VS2005; as you may have seen in some other posts, GoDiagram Web 2.x works fine with .NET 2.0 and ASP.NET 2.0, but beta versions of Visual Studio 2005 messed up your projects, and our samples as well, while upgrading to new ASP.NET 2.0 conventions. (There haven’t been any problems with GoDiagram Win or Express 2.x with .NET Windows Forms 2.0.)
But there are new features as well, such as GoGrid. I was hoping to delay talking about it until we were ready…