Do not allow the nodes to leave the pool

Can you help me. I want to know where is the function or the action in the code that makes the nodes do not leave the pool.

I started from the original Swim Lanes sample, Swim Lanes.

When dragging nodes note that the nodes are limited to stay within the lanes. This is implemented by a custom Part.dragComputation function, here named stayInGroup. Hold down the Shift key while dragging simple nodes to move the selection to another lane. Lane groups cannot be moved between pool groups.

Look in the source code for it.

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Thank you. And is there a way to make the nodes in addition to that also grow the lane as the node is dragged out?

The design of the Groups and the PoolLayout in that sample is not to allow moving the contents to increase or decrease the size of the group. That is why it implements custom resizing, so that the user can control that.

However other samples do demonstrate that, such as Regrouping Demo.