Does gojs support web Worker use?

I checked the related question. Because of the time of posting, I am not sure whether to support gojs in workers.
I tried to use the error in the workers. "w.requestAnimationFrame is not a function ",The error should be that the method on the window object is not a Function.
If it’s not supported then how do I deal with large data volume computationally intensive layouts? Give me a suggestion.
Or is there any way to just call the layout calculation? The code of this block is not used for rendering. Is there an API interface?

GoJS uses HTML DOM and JavaScript functions for rendering, so it cannot work in a web worker.

If you expect layouts to take too long to be performed on the client, you could try performing them on the server and then send the node locations in the model.

thanks,I know

Do you think the server side has a big meaning with Node?
I understand that java is faster than javascript operation under the same hardware.
I want to hear your suggestions.

GoJS is implemented in JavaScript, so if you want to use that on the server you do need to use Node.js or else some other embedded JavaScript environment.

GoJS version 2.0 can run in the Node server with or without HTML DOM support. Naturally if you want to perform layouts, you need to know the size of each node.

If you need to measure text or images, or if you wanted to render images (probably not in this case), then you will need support for HTML DOM. There are two examples at Please read

But if you have fixed size nodes, then you probably do not need DOM support in your server environment, so you would not need Puppeteer or the older PhantomJS. I can create an example for you if you find that the way forward is not clear.

thanks !
The end result I want is that the time to render the image is reduced!
Of course, for performance, I refer to but I feel it now. Response time is still not ideal
Many times of practice, where layout calculations take up most of the time, so what I want is to put the layout calculations on the server side.
(Of course, if you have any good suggestions, you can come up with me)

The time difference problem exists, can’t reply to you in time. I am sorry.