Drag and Drop question

<span id=“result_” =“medium_text”>Is it possible that the process of dragging the icon to be displayed fully, starting with the palette and ending with a diagram?

What platform (and version) are you using?

I assume you want to see a copy of the selected nodes being dragged while the mouse is in the Palette.

In Silverlight there’s no appropriate standard cursor to indicate “you can’t drop here”. How important is it to you to show such a cursor?

Thank for reply, Walter.

Our environment:
GoSilverlight ver.
Silverlight ver. 3.0.50106

For our, the type of cursors is not important. We want see that objects move from palette to diagram.

// Silverlight fake dragging from Palette public class PaletteDraggingTool : DraggingTool { public override bool CanStart() { if (this.Diagram is Palette) return true; return base.CanStart(); } public override void DoActivate() { this.Diagram.IsReadOnly = false; this.Diagram.Model.Modifiable = true; base.DoActivate(); } public override void DoDeactivate() { this.Diagram.IsReadOnly = true; base.DoDeactivate(); } protected override bool MayCopy() { return true; } public override void DoMouseUp() { DoCancel(); } }

Install by setting: myPalette.DraggingTool = new PaletteDraggingTool();
(or do the same thing in XAML)

Thank Walter. I will try it.