Drag-drop -> layer changed

I’m writing an application with GoDiagram. My problem:

  1. Create a layer in document programatically
  2. Add a GoTextNode programatically in the new layer
  3. Move the GoTextNode (drag and drop)
    The GoTextNode layer has now suddenly changed to the defaultlayer of the document. How can I avoid this?
    Regards / Mattias

That is not the normal behavior for GoDiagram, so I suspect there is some other part of your application that is causing the layer change. Maybe you have a selection event handler that is moving the selected object(s) to the default layer?
Even if you copy an object (with either control-drag or copy-paste) the copied object will be in the same layer as the original’s.

Problem solved :-)
You were right, the object was moved to another layer by application code trigged by the GoView.SelectionMoved-event.
Regards / Mattias