Drag group beyond the diagram

I used the doubletree layout to make a tree like graph and it is great and fulfill the needs.
However, we want to be able to drag the whole graph beyond the diagram and we found we were ‘restrict’ by the diagram’s borders. It’s there any way we could drag the whole group of node, instead of a single node, beyond the borders?

(drag towards the red arrow direction, and the ‘beyond border parts’ would hide)

Thank you very much!

Do you always want to drag the full tree, or just the descendants of the node being dragged? If you just want the descendants, you can set DraggingTool.dragsTree to true and it should work as you describe. Otherwise, you’ll probably need to override CommandHandler.computeEffectiveCollection to include all parts in the tree.

Thank you Hardy!

I found another ‘solution’ to solve this problem. Not a 100% one but kind of work.
(this is the links) https://codepen.io/JEE42/pen/ZGzqrp

Thanks again!!