Drag n Drop within document

On a drag and drop operation between a GoView1.document of MDI window1 and a GoView1.document of MDI window 2 (Window 2 is a different instance from Window 1) my program works ok. That is I make sure that the objects that I am dragging do not exist in the window I am dragging to. However, whan dragging within the same document I do not want to check for duplicate objects since all I am doing is moving the objects within the same document . How do I determine that the document receiving the objects is the same as the objects source document. I tried a number of different events associated with drag and drop but I can't seem to find the correct combination. Thanks Rich

so, this is 2 GoViews onto the same GoDocument? a drag between those 2. Do I understand correctly?

Hi Jake,

This is two goviews with each goview having its own document. I want to drag and drop from one document to the other. Since I originally posted the question I am having success using the ExternalObjectsDropped event. I have a few more things that I need to clear up.