Drag out issue to out of boundary

In my application am using the Goxam diagram and I have a configuration window to display the attributes of the selected node (properties like location, width, height, thickness etc). If I change the attributes through the config window it is updating in the diagram perfectly. But, if I drag a node to out of the diagram boudary and dropped immidiately after changing any of the attribute through the config window it is not resetting to the previous status.

See the below steps:

  1. If the location of a node is (10,10)
  2. I changed it to (50,10) through the config window. It is updated in the diagram.
  3. Then drag out to the diagram boundary(while it reaches out of boundary, cursor bahaviour is changed)
    and dropped it outside.
  4. It is resettting to the old position (10,10) not in to the newly changed position.

Kindly update me the reason why it is not updating to the newly changed values ?
Do I get any event when a node reaches the out of boundary ?

Is each change in your config window being performed inside a transaction?

I’m guessing that they are implicitly being combined into a single transaction that is rolled back when the drag is canceled.

Thank you very much. I missed that transactions… I incuded the transactions for each change, its working perfectly.