Drag outside diagram


I would like the diagram to automatically scroll the viewport when objects are draged outside the diagram. Now, when I drag an existent object outside the diagram it let me do so (even though the object disappears from the cursor) and when dropped I can manyally scroll to it. What I would like is that when draged outside diagram the diagram scrolls automatically so the object is visibel all the time.
Is it possible?

Autoscrolling behavior is built-in, if while you move the selection the pointer is near the edge of the DiagramPanel. The margin for this behavior is controlled by Diagram.Panel.AutoScrollRegion.

However, the region is only inside the diagram. If the pointer is outside of the diagram it might be a drag-and-drop operation to a different control/window.

Ah, I didn’t recognize the feature because you need to stop drag for a while before it happens.

Thank you