Draggable label

In the Processor example that JGo provides the user is able to drag the
labels which I have been able to do thanks to the example. My issue now
is that whenever the label is dragged the connecting line always
remains in the same location whereas in the example it ditaches itself
from the link and then is dropped in the most appropriate place along
the link. I was wondering if you could point out which section of the
code accomplishes this. I cannot figure out what im missing.

That line connecting the link with the label isn’t a “real” object, but is just drawn by the label. In other words, it appears due to the implementation of FlowLabel.paint.

I do have the same FlowLabel.paint in my FlowLabel class. Im not sure
if im being clear. The line is being drawn, but no matter where you
drag the label its start point of the connection line always remains in
the same location i.e where it connects to the link however with the
example it does not do that

You can see how that paint method calls getMidLabelConnectionPoint. I would guess that you will need to step through this method to see if it is doing what you would expect it to.