Dragging collapsed nodes messes up link visibility

I’m using GraphLinksModel. When I collapse a node to hide its tree children, then manually reposition it, then expand it, the children become visible again, but the links to the children are not visible until I move one of the nodes on either end of a link. I want all the links to the children to become visible when I expand the tree.

While writing this post I figured out a workaround: in my treeExpandedChanged method I can add 0.00001 to the x coordinate of the node when I expand it, and subtract that much when I collapse it, and this makes the links show up when I want them to. This seems really silly though! Is there a more reasonable way I’m supposed to handle this, or is it just a bug?

I reproduced the behavior in a minimal test case. Click “collapse B”, then drag B, then click “expand B”.

I see the same behavior on 1.2.4 and 1.3.1


Collapse B Expand B [/code]

Thanks for reporting this, it’s almost certainly a bug. We’ll look into it and get back to you.

This has been fixed in 1.3.2, which is now released: http://www.gojs.net/latest/index.html