Draw selected portion at a larger scale

There is a new requirement in my application to provide a tool which will draw an additional small window, which will diaplay the selected region at a larger scale.
Is it possible with GoDiagram?
If yes, then can you please provide me sample code to create this tool in my application?

We have GoOverview, which shows the whole document in a small window for navigation purposes. Is that what you want? (See FlowCharter View > Overview for a sample in a pop-up window.)

You can always create a second GoView and map it to the same GoDocument. You can even make different layers have different visibility in the 2 views. (See the Object Browser sample.)

Thanks a lot for the hint. It works.
But this is the overview of the whole view.
Could it be possible the same for the current selection or visible area of the graph without doing much changes?

sure, that’s the second line of my suggestion answer above.