Draw selection rectangle

Can any one help me on this.
On drawing a selection box within the GoView, i am able to include only the components which are currently visible.
I would like to have the Goview scroll as i keep on drawing the recatangle for selection beyond the currently visible boundry.

In version 2.2.2, you can do: (goView1.FindMouseTool(typeof(GoToolRubberBanding)) as GoToolRubberBanding).AutoScrolling = true; However, depending on the circumstances, there can be some left-over XOR'ed lines visible, due to the scrolling not happening exactly in sync with the dragging. I think we have improved that for version 2.3.

Hi Walter,
Thanks. The provided soln does work with the said side effects.
We currently have the version with us. Has the version2.3 been released & subsequently sent across to the customers so that we can avail of the improved functionality for this?
Kind regards,