Draw X-Y Axis on GoView


I want to draw a 2D Linear Graph having X - Y axis on my GoView object.
Please help me out.

You can use a GoGrid to draw regular horizontal and/or vertical lines in a rectangular area.

You can use individual GoText objects for labels.

To draw the data, depending on the chart style, use:
line: GoGroup composed of a GoStroke and a bunch of small GoShapes, one for each data point
column: GoRectangle
bar: GoRectangle
pie: GoPie
area: GoPolygon
scatter: small GoShapes of the desired type
stock: GoGroup composed of a GoStroke and a GoRectangle
bubble: GoEllipse
radar: GoPolygon

You’ll probably want to make your document unchangeable: call GoDocument.SetModifiable(false).

Remember that Y coordinate values always increase going “downwards”.

Hi Walter and happy new year to one and all at nwoods…

If there an example anywhere of Radar charts? This is the only reference I can see anywhere on Go site.

I’m also looking for the category labels to have hyperlinks to drill down to other charts etc as well.

Many thanks and best regards

You’re using GoJS, right?

Hi Jake,

I’m actually looking at using GoWin, GoJs is definately a possibility as well.

thanks and regards

Sorry, we don’t have a Radar chart sample.

But now we do. I’ll send you the project.