Drawing Call-Out shape thru GoJs


I am trying to draw call-out shape- which would be look like

I am seeking for some advice what would be best approach to draw this shape thru GoJs.

Thank you


Do you mean to connect two Nodes? If so, try https://gojs.net/latest/extensions/BalloonLink.html.

Also see https://gojs.net/latest/samples/comments.html.


Is there a way to implement it, not as a link, but as two shapes?

  1. the regular rectangle box.
  2. the tail that can be dragged to point at something (not a link) and moved along the sides of the rectangle.


It certainly sounds as if you really want there to be a relationship between the “call-out” object and some other object such as another Node. Normally that would be implemented as a Link.

Implementing support for a completely new kind of relationship is a lot of work and is not easy to do.