DWG Import and Export

Hi Team,

Do we have an option to produce a DWG file after the changes are done on the GoJS canvas, like the way we do it for SVG or PNG?

We want the layers to stay intact.

Sorry, but we have no knowledge of that file format.

Hi Walter,

I would like to maintain the layers that we have created. Consider, we have a drawn a rectangle and inside that I have connected few nodes, I would like to identify that the nodes present inside that rectangular block are identifiable.

I don’t understand what your question has to do with export/import to/from DWG files.

Presumably you have added to the model object(s) that get rendered as your special rectangle(s). (Are those what you are referring to as “layers”?)

All nodes are identifiable by their keys, both the data in the model and the Nodes in the Diagram. That would apply to any special rectangles too.

Perhaps you mean something specific to your app? You can iterate over all those Nodes and see if their actualBounds is in the bounds of that special rectangle, and then decide to update your app-specific identifying information.