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we are thinking about developing diagramming tool in Eclipse platform. Does JGo support it? Do you plan to support it? When?

Yes, although it is relatively new.
T<SPAN =102200517-18112003><SPAN =969484020-05102003><SPAN =659522517-29092003>he Go base and AutoLayout libraries have been converted from SWING to SWT. However, the documentation still makes some references to SWING and AWT classes and we have very few SWT sample applications.

<SPAN =659522517-29092003><SPAN =756320317-24092003>You can download the SWT evaluation kit from:
We will are working on a kit with improved documentation and examples, but this should get you started.

We would like to use JGo in our next project on the Eclipse platform. What is the current state of the JGo package for SWT ?

why the link is bad?

That was an old alpha version kit.
Rather than pointing you to the beta version that came out a couple of months ago, I’ll ask you to wait a few days. We’re about to have a public beta version of 5.1, for SWT as well as for Swing.
The SWT version has a bunch of bug fixes, newer documentation, and more examples.

OK, here we go:, or The JavaDoc-generated documentation still has some Swing references, and a number of example applications still have to be converted to SWT. But otherwise it's in pretty good shape. Please tell us (in new topics) if you try it and have any reaction/comment/complaint/request.

An updated kit is now available, with the same file names. This is baselevel 5.12, with some bug fixes, some new features, and better documentation.

why the, or link is bad?

Try the release candidate, and probably the real release, version 5.13:, or

why the, or link is bad?

Oops, typos!, or