Embedding the result of JGo into Oracle P

Hi All!

We are into a project which runs on Oracle 10G server.

Our requirement is: We want to embed the result of this standalone application(Which would be a chart) into the Oracle portal page of our application.

We would be generating a chart, based on our end user requirement.

Is it possible? If yes can you please throw some light on it?
Thanks & Regards

I’m not familiar with Ora portals, but I suppose you want to integrate the graph as some kind of image?

If so you could export the chart as image file (jpg, gif, png, bmp, …) and display it in your portal. You could use the builtin support for SVG generation, but that would require a browser plugin on the client side. Another possibility would be a java applet (which would of course require a client JRE) to display your graph.