Error with Cut/Copy

I am getting “No parameterless constructor defined for this object.” being thrown on the GoView.EditCut() and GoView.EditCopy() methods.

To set this up... I have a class that inherits from GoIconicNode and is set to serializable. These are my "nodes". I am copying these nodes to a class that inherits from GoDocument that is part of a class that inherits from GoView.
I can invoke GoView.DeleteSelection(GoView.Selection) and it works fine. If I try the EditCut or EditCopy it throws the above error. Any ideas?

That’s an error raised during deserialization. Serialization is required for copying to and from the clipboard.

So one of your classes doesn’t have a zero-argument constructor. It might be your node or your document.

Remember that there shouldn’t be any references to the GoView or GoSelection from the document or any of its objects.

I had a parameter in the construct of the class I inheritied from GoDocument.
Thanks much, Walter.