Error with Go.js


I am trying to save chart using IE10 and getting error attached when we try to save. On save we are saving information in db and image on parent windows.

Application hangs after this error and nothing happens.

GoJS v1.4.5/IE 10

What are you doing when you are saving? What do you mean by “image on parent windows”? Do you get a problem when running in other browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome?

I am opening chart window in new popup, where user can draw chart using Go JS. In popup user can click Save button to complete.

On clicking Save button I am saving information in database and saving generated chart as Image on parent window.

I am not getting any error in FF/Chrome for same operation.

Can we take a look? Can you put it up publicly somewhere or else some sample code to us that does this?

You can email us, gojs (at)

I am not sure if we can put the code somewhere. Can we have call and share the screen to show issue.

We are working from India, please let us know suitable time. It is urgent.

Do you get this error when running in IE11?

Are there any Pictures? If so, where are their sources located, and how are you referring to them? I’m wondering if this is some kind of security issue that the browser is imposing.