Event for Insert In Gojs

This is our GOXAML code for model_change implementation: -

void Model_Changed(object sender, ModelChangedEventArgs e) 

 if (ModelChange.AddedNode == e.Change && !_view.myDiagram.Model.UndoManager.IsUndoingRedoing) 
                if (_model.IsInTransaction) 


we have implemented the same in GOJS using the following code :-

myDiagram.model.addChangedListener(function (e) 
     if (e.change == go.ChangedEvent.Insert) {                                
                                if (e.isTransactionFinished) {


here e.isTranssactionFinished is not working
pls help us

Amit Kumar Jha

In GoJS the property is on the UndoManager class instead, so use: myDiagram.undoManager.isInTransaction