Event when a node is dragged in diagram

I am new to GoJS so I may be missing something basic.I am looking for an event that can tell me which node is dragged and its new position when it is dragged in diagram and not overlapping with any other node. I tried mouseDrop in diagram but it doesn’t tell which node is moved. Any help is appreciated.

After a drag has occurred, the Diagram.selection tells you what was moved or copied.

During the operation of the DraggingTool, DraggingTool.copiedParts (when copying) and DraggingTool.draggedParts tell you what’s being dragged, which might include Parts in addition to what is in the Diagram.selection initially.

You probably want to use the “SelectionMoved” DiagramEvent.

Awesome. “SelectionMoved” is exactly what I need. Thanks.