Example using Picture.reloadSource?

Right on!!! Glad I am not crazy! Thanks for being patient with me and glad we found this!

Happy to try a beta if it is useful for testing. I can wait until Monday or Tuesday though. I’m having a beer in the meantime!

Try the beta 2.1.17 at https://gojs.net/beta/release/go.js

That also has an updated Canvases sample: https://gojs.net/beta/samples/canvases.html that includes a command that modifies some charts. It calls Picture.redraw in an “animation.onComplete” handler for Chart.js.

Again, I’m sorry that we’ve caused you some frustration.

Awesome! It works like a champ! Man! I am so happy. This solves a problem we’ve had for over a year that was just one of those things we could never figure out. Thanks again for hanging in there while I stumbled through the process.