Example with json does not work


i have downloaded GoJS on my laptop and try to run some samples. Most samples did work to the exception of Double Tree (json) because no diagram is displayed when this sample is selected. would you help me make it work?

Thank you.

That depends on the security policies of the browser that you are using. Try different browsers.

Are you using the latest, http://gojs.net/latest ?


I also downloaded from using the link you provided. The sample ‘doubleTreeJSON’ does not appear on the left panel but is in the directory samples. If i execute doubleTreeJSON.html, it still does not work.

By the way, i am using Google Chrome to open the sample. I will double check the security policies.


That’s a problem with Chrome. Try Firefox or IE.

Of course if this were being served from a web server, it would work in Chrome too.


I have used Internet Explorer to open the html file like this:
and still, no diagram appears. All other samples work to the exception of JSON sample.

I have also lowered the security, the JSON sample does not work. I clicked the static file doubletree.json and got it properly.

Any clue, how I can make the json sample work?


Did you have a web server running on your local machine that was serving the “site” directory?

Look, the sample was just designed to demonstrate how JSON data could be retrieved from a web server. Because of all of the differences between browsers, the sample does not always work when running from the file system instead of from a web server.