Expanded groups save as JSON

I’m saving some groups to JSON.
Some of them are expanded.
When i load the data from JSON, the groups that were expanded during saving are loaded as expanded, but i don’t see the group members.
I have to collapse the group and expand it in order to see the group members.
I user GOJS 1.7.11…
Is it a bug ?

I don’t know of any such bug in GoJS, but let’s talk about it. There are a lot of samples that load expanded groups and show the expected member nodes and links.

I don’t understand what you mean by “groups that were expanded during saving”. Are you explicitly expanding groups just before you save the model?

Do you have a Binding on Group.isSubGraphExpanded?

i don’t have any binding to Group.isSubGraphExpanded.
Yes, i’m expanding a group before saving to JSON.
Maybe it happens because of my games with Auto Layout? Is this could be the reason ?

Does a Group that does not show its member Nodes after loading actually have Group.isSubGraphExpanded true? Check it in the debugger.

Yes, the group is Group.isSubGraphExpanded = true.
I will save to JSON and try to load in sample code.
Maybe i messed up something.