Expanding nodes redraw

I create a tree with all nodes expanded, and included the button in the nodetemplate for expanding. It expands/collapses fine. However if I colapse a node , move it to another location and expand the node again the childnodes are drawn at the exact the same location as they were before. They don’t take in account the new location of the parent node, even the connecting lines are incorrectly drawn at the same location. I tried removing the links on a collapse and adding them again on expand, but that did not make a difference. What am I doing wrong?


Do the same thing the IncrementalTree sample does: customize the DraggingTool:

<go:Diagram . . .>
    <go:DraggingTool Inclusions="SubTree" CopiesEffectiveCollection="True" />

Actually, I don’t know if you care about copying…