Expected objected error in swimlane

var BPMSwimLaneType = true;
var xt = go.GraphObject.make(go.Group, BPMSwimLaneType ? “Horizontal” : “Vertical”, {
movable: false,
copyable: false,
deletable: true,
avoidable: false,
selectionObjectName: “SHAPE”,
resizable: true,
resizeObjectName: “SHAPE”,
computesBoundsAfterDrag: true,
computesBoundsIncludingLinks: false,
computesBoundsIncludingLocation: true,
mouseDrop: function(e, t) {
var n = t.addMembers(t.diagram.selection, true);
if (!n) t.diagram.currentTool.doCancel();
}, o(go.Panel, “Horizontal”, {
angle: e ? 270 : 0,
alignment: go.Spot.Center
}, o(go.Shape, “Diamond”, {
width: 8,
height: 8
}, new go.Binding(“fill”, “color”)), o(go.TextBlock, {
font: “bold 16pt sans-serif”,
editable: true
}, new go.Binding(“text”, “text”))), o(go.Panel, “Auto”, o(go.Shape, “Rectangle”, {
name: “SHAPE”,
fill: “white”,
minSize: q(null)
}, new go.Binding(“fill”, “fill”)), o(go.Placeholder, {
padding: 10,
alignment: go.Spot.TopLeft

the above definition is for swimlane group , if i run the above code in internet explorer, it gives me an error saying “Expected object” , but works fine in chrome . May i know what am i doing wrong?

So when you debug it in IE, what have you discovered? What about Firefox or Safari or Opera or iOS or Android browsers?