Export to Powerpoint


In my project I want to export my current set of GoDiagram Object (To be Specific GoView Object fetched from database) these Objects Counts are some where in Thousands.

My client wants an reporting where he want to convert GoDiagram Object to Powerpoint.

I found some solution where I can create some boxes and Lines but still not upto mark.

is there any way we can export those to PPT even Image Format (PNG, JPG, etc) would do.

Thanks & Regards,
Srujal Kachhela

See GoView.GetBitmapFromCollection (3 overrides).

Agreed, I Tried this and provided the Client as an alternative Solution,

But, Still there is no option via which we can get PowerPoint Object based Diagram using GoDiagram, as Such Considering Scenario where we are exporting data for Presentation Purpose, it would be easier to make better presentation using it.

Well, there is sample metafile support in NodeLinkDemo, you could try that. But metafile is getting
very dated, I’m not even sure if newer versions of Office support it.