Express Version of GoCollapsibleHandle

I am wondering if there was an alternative to the GoCollapsibleHandle class in the express edition. Thanks

No, sorry.

which means there is no way to resize a graph?

I’m entirely sure what you mean by that.

Zoom in and out is there in Express. If you want Subgraphs, and the ability to collapse them… then no, that’s not in Express.


i am sure the ability to collapse and expand nodes is already present using

Document.ValidCycle = GoDocumentValidCycle.DestinationTree;

The functionality that is not present is that of (ripped directly from dataset demo i believe)

  public class PersonNodeHandle : GoCollapsibleHandle {
    public PersonNodeHandle() {}

    public override bool OnSingleClick(GoInputEventArgs evt, GoView view) {
        Node parent = FindCollapsible() as TreeAppNode;
      if (parent == null || !parent.Collapsible)
        return false;
      if (view != null)
      String transresult = null;
      if (parent.IsExpanded) {
        transresult = "Collapsed Tree";
      } else {
        if (evt.Control) {
          transresult = "Expanded All Tree";
        } else {
          transresult = "Expanded Tree";

this seems to manage the handling of resizing after expanding and contracting of nodes? am i assuming correctly?

It seems a massive hike in price to warrent the full version when all i need is that, it’s a shame really.


Don’t you work for a company with a market cap north of $130 billion that just reported quarterly profits of more than $2B?

There’s a target market for our limited function $199 product, but dude, it isn’t you.