Extension of JGoLabeledLink with immovable points


I have inherited an application which has a strange problem.

There is a method that takes all links on the document, removes them and creates new links using their various attributes and start and end points. I believe this was designed to improve the orthogonal layout after mass node movement. However, after using this method and recreating all the links, the “corners” of the links are represented by hollow green squares instead of the usual filled variety and are immovable.

If the node at either end is moved then the points are recalculated. Is there a way to quickly recalculate the new points so that links are always movable?

Cheers for any help.


Rather than deleting and recreating the links, you can force the path of the link to be recalculated by calling calculateStroke() on the JGoLabeledLink. That should keep all the original properties of the link intact.


Bit late replying to this but you were spot on. The previous code owner had an interesting override of calculateStroke! Thanks for your help.