Extra space between outer group RoundedRectangle and Placeholder


I’m trying to get rid of the gap on the left and right side of the Placeholder as seen here.

I noticed that part of it is dependent on parameter1 (border radius).
The image above has it set to 10, while the one below has it set to 0.

How can I have both a non-zero border radius and no space between the edge of the rectangle and the Placeholder?

I guess you’re not using the group template in Rounded Groups With a Header and a Footer.

So I’ll guess that you have a “RoundedRectangle” Shape that is the border around a “Vertical” Panel holding a TextBlock and a Placeholder. You can set the border Shape’s Shape.spot1 to go.Spot.TopLeft and Shape.spot2 to go.Spot.BottomRight.

The spot properties did the trick, thank you.
And thank you for linking to the rounded groups example.