Few questions about WPF GoXam

I have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible to display any user control in the tree nodes.
  2. When you click on a tree node is it possible to capture the event programatically and make data changes to it and display it back.
  3. If we manually design Xaml with various custom shapes per our requirements is it possible to display them in the treenode of GoXam.
    Please let me know.
  1. Yes, any Node can include any UIElement. That includes all Controls and all Panels.

  2. Yes. If there’s a Control, the mouse click may be handled by that Control (including your UserControl). If not, it is handled by the appropriate tool, which by default will be the ClickSelectingTool.

You can bind parts of your UI to the Diagram.SelectedNode (or .SelectedPart or .SelectedGroup or .SelectedLink), if you want a “details” pane. LinkDemo demonstrates this.

  1. Yes. Just include it in the DataTemplate for the node.

For developers that are using Expression Blend, you can generate a UserControl and use it either as the whole definition of the DataTemplate for a node or as a part of the template.

To specify the behavior of the nodes, you set various go:Part and go:Node attached properties as attributes of the top-level element of the DataTemplate.

Thanks Walter.
A couple of questions more:

About licensing if i use GoXam in my product after purchasing the
redistribution is free right. I do not have to pay for my clients
right. Please verify

Is it possible to customize the lines
between tree nodes for ex: increase the thickness of the lines or
change the shape of a line to a custom path which we designed using Blend.


There have never been any distribution royalties or deployment fees with any of our GO++/JGo/GoDiagram/GoXam products, as long as you have purchased a binary or source-code development license and are complying with the terms of the license.

So, no, you do not have to pay per client.

To change the thickness of a Link line, set the Shape.StrokeThickness property. There are lots of examples of that in the demo.

GoXam provides a lot of functionality for routing and manipulating links. I don’t know what you have designed in Blend, so I cannot say how you might want to use that in GoXam.

Thanks Walter