findLinksInto() not a function


I have a simple node:

nodeOld = myDiagram.model.findNodeDataForKey(toNodeOld);

It console.logs this:
Object {category: “group”, loc: “-1771.1143891711495,-494.2227443573131”, text: “”, isGroup: true, status: “”…}

However when I use console.log(nodeOld.findLinksInto()) or console.log(nodeOld.findLinksOutOf())

I get nodeOld.findLinksInto() is not a function or nodeOld.findLinksOutOf() is not a function.

Can you help me figure out why? I have the node data. There is a connected node to this node with a link.

All of the Model methods that deal with model data have the word data in them. So Model.findNodeDataForKey will return either null or a node data object – a plain JavaScript Object that is in the Model.nodeDataArray.

If you really want a Node, call Diagram.findNodeForData or Diagram.findNodeForKey. After all, there might be many Diagrams showing a shared Model, so you need to ask a particular Diagram for the specific Node that corresponds to a shared node data object in the model.