Firefox Support

I’m having problems with Drag-n-drop in Firefox (v2.0.0.3)
I’ve even reproduced the problem on your samples website (specifically the Flowcharter example). Simply try to drag-drop a node from the palette to the canvas in Firefox… it doesn’t seem to work.
In another post Walter mentions:

[QUOTE=walter]What version are you using? If you are evaluating, you might as well try the most recent version.

I don't think we have tried using the old Mozilla browser in years. But GoDiagram Web should work in (Mozilla) Firefox, although with slightly reduced functionality.[/quote]
Question is: how reduced is the functionality? What features are/aren't supported in Firefox?
What about other browsers (specifically Safari). Are the supported browsers listed somewhere (I can't seem to find anything).
Many thanks!
It's hard for us to keep up with all the different browsers and their various versions.
Drag-and-drop from GoPalettes into GoViews is only supported in IE.
Tooltips do not work in Firefox.
Safari should work but is awkward because we don't automatically change all of the mouse buttons and modifier behavior to be more compatible with Mac conventions.

Are there any plans to support drag-and-drop on Firefox and Safari in the near future?

For Firefox, yes, if we can. For Safari, that’s unclear, since we have had very little request for it. In fact, I believe you’re the first person to ask.

Any idea when the Firefox support might be available?

I’ll increase the priority of that work.

Excellent! Thanks