Fishbone layout?

Is it possible to inherit the existing GoLayoutTree class to develop a fishbone diagram layout ? If so how ?

I haven’t looked at what the GoXam team did with fishbone layout, so I’m not sure. I do know it took a fair amount of time by someone intimately familiar (i.e. the original author) with tree layout, so I’m guessing it would fall under the “way hard” category.

oh well, thanks anyway.

How can I achieve the Bus Branching tree layout as in GoXAM, I can modify that to get the Fishbone layout but I’m not sure how to get the Children of a node to layout in just two columns below the node…

That’s an enhancement that’s been made to GoXam LayoutTree that hasn’t been added to GoDiagram yet.

Yes, but is there a way it could be done in GoDiagram ? I need the Fishbone layout in a hurry and I’m running out of ideas…

You could always use GoXam. Or… throwing money at us has been known to change our priorities here too. You can contact your sales guy (Jason) if that’s an option for you. You should have email from him.