FlowChart Diagramme in Vb.net


I converted the sample FlowChart in Vb.net
all work fin, only the Ellipse (or port) that not appeare when
i select the node and make drawing the link more dificult.
for information :
1. i have the same flowChart.xaml than the example (copy & paste)
2. the code behind is executed when the mouse is on the node or when it leave it.
Private Sub Node_MouseEnter(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As MouseEventArgs) SetPortsVisible(TryCast(sender, UIElement), True) End Sub Private Sub Node_MouseLeave(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As MouseEventArgs) SetPortsVisible(TryCast(sender, UIElement), False) End Sub
3. I can draw the links

You can fetch our version of FlowChart in vb at:

Oh, this is for Silverlight. I don’t know if you wanted WPF or Silverlight.

This doesn’t work correctly in VS2010 under SL 4.

I get an error that the AllowDrop property on the diagram is not allowed. I remove it from the XAML and it'll run but you can't drop from the palette.
I also do not see this as a property I can set in the code behind.
Any ideas?

Silverlight 4 introduced a deliberate incompatibility with Silverlight 3 regarding the AllowDrop property. I thought that you should be able to set it in XAML, but I believe you have to set it in code instead. However, I can look into this in a few days.

Silverlight 4 added the UIElement.AllowDrop property.

If you can’t see that property, I bet you are still targeting Silverlight 3 and are using the old DLL. Please check the version number of the System.Windows.DLL.

When you opened the FlowChartVB solution/project and upgraded to Visual Studio 2010, did you also let it retarget to Silverlight 4? If not, you need to do so if you want to use the GoSilverlight DLL 1.2.*.4.